Future Driven Real Estate Innovation

We follow a human centered methodology that combines strategic innovation and design to solve the big questions of the real estate industry.

Increased Profitability

Our design thinking approach drives us to innovations in the key phases of housing:

Know Our Process


We carry out a diagnosis that helps us understand the competitive positioning of the company, its ability to deliver the value proposition, and the stability of the environment in which it operates.


We identify the segments of our target market and interview them to understand their unmet needs and the aspirations that push them towards our products/services.


We identify trends on social, technological, economic, ecological and political aspects that can impact our business, in order to explore in an informed way, the future and its possibilities.


We frame the challenge to solve and generate ideas to transform them into concepts, based on the different unmet needs of each one of the segments of our target market.


We define the principles of the organization given the context of the previous research. We bring the attributes and benefits offered to the client, to a concrete level, tangible and intangible.

Experiment & Iterate

We do several iteration rounds to reach the optimal level between technical and commercial viability as well as the satisfaction perceived by the client.

How we work

We understand real estate growth as a creative act in which we explore diverse possibilities, bringing to the market in an agile and fast way, solutions designed for the people who matter most to you: your customers.


We Would Love to Hear About Your Project

Mentora®  is a creative agency, specialized in innovation and design, focused on large scale real estate business and projects.

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