Client: Grupo Ikon

Flexible housing in a technology driven living complex.

The Question

How can we provide young couples in Monterrey with flexible housing options that evolve according to their life stages?

The Answer

Flexible housing models, which give the user the ability to alter the distribution of spaces according to their needs.

Apodaca is one of the municipalities that are part of the Monterrey metropolitan area, it is one of the areas with the highest supply of housing for new marriages, competing with other cities such as Guadalupe, Escobedo and Santa Catarina. Recova is one of the Grupo Ikon developments that have arisen in this area in recent years. With 3 phases of the project completed, they came to us for the development of the 4th and last phase of the housing complex.

In the initial stage of the project, we carry out a competitive analysis in which we delve into the supply of direct and indirect competition, making a geographical mapping, comparing prices vs. square meters, and studying the absorption rate of the area. A study of the prototypes and amenities of each of the competitors was also carried out, in which the advantages and areas of opportunity were identified; Aspects such as finishes, size of the areas, distribution, and construction quality were taken into account.

The next step consisted of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the product with the market that had already acquired a home in the previous phases of the development as well as other buyers from the same segment who acquired in the surroundings. with the objective of detecting unmet needs which would be the areas of opportunity to focus on in the next phase. After having carried out the interviews, we identified the common denominator of the most important needs, partially or not attended to, and then qualified them in level of importance and satisfaction in their life.

The findings indicated that clients are looking for houses with larger bedrooms, with functional and well-distributed spaces, a larger social area, since the profiles have varied, as there are currently more young couples. Regarding the amenities, we realized that clients of this level prefer a cleaner development and that the green areas are truly functional.

In the next stage, we carry out an internal co-creation workshop to design new products and / or prototypes based on hypotheses that we raise with the previous findings as well as in the initial analysis.

For example, one of the hypotheses to be validated was the belief that we had that the residents of Recova seek to maximize the spaces in their homes, live in an environment with innovative parks / amenities, and enjoy technology. To verify this, we made some proposals for improvement in the redistribution of spaces in the Platinum and Gold prototype plants, we changed the games area to implement services at the touch of a button. We confirmed this when residents showed greater interest in the current project proposals.

The set of conclusions that we obtained in this stage, guided us towards the attributes and final characteristics of the product: Recova helps people who seek to obtain a home that is consistent with their style and way of life, avoiding the typical housing spaces that are offered in the sector and allowing flexibility and practicality. Recova creates comprehensive amenities / spaces where the environment is better used.

* Spaces that have multifunctional characteristics
* Feel satisfied to make a purchase that fits your lifestyle
* Being able to aspire to modify / change the spaces as your life changes.
* Innovative and heavy-duty playground for children with greater durability, dynamism, suitable for more ages, multiple ways to play, becoming a distinctive element of the subdivision.
* Technology within homes that provides services and / or products “at the touch of a button”

In this way, we managed to position Recova as one of the most modern and versatile housing complexes in the area, with one of the best cost-benefit offer for the market for young couples and couples who want to live in Apodaca.




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