2019   |   Grupo Ikon

Transforming the vacational hotel experience into a housing complex.


Zivalam is a residential complex located in one of the areas of the city of Cancún with the highest growth projection. In this project we integrate different disciplines such as innovation and design, with the purpose of solving the problem of the latent feeling of insecurity and lack of belonging, in the potential target market.




Digital Marketing

Cancun is one of the most important tourist bastions in Mexico, attracting a large number of foreign and national visitors to its famous beaches every year. In recent years, Cancun has become one of the places with the highest real estate boom, as many Mexicans have chosen it as the ideal city to continue with their life trajectory, whether it revolves around economic growth and professional consolidation , or that have to do with their retirement plans.

Question: how can we help the people who want to live in Cancun to fulfill their dream of living on eternal vacations?
Answer: a set of innovative tools and practices to help residents feel comfortable and cared for as if they were in a hotel, and to feel connected to a secure communitty.

Mentora’s first initiative was to understand the drivers or aspirations that pushed the client to acquire a home in a place like Cancún. Through a market study we carried out, we understood that people who buy homes in this area of the country want and seek to perpetuate the experiences of a vacation stay: the comforts and attention of a hotel, the pleasant climate and obviously being in contact with such natural beauties. They want to fulfill their dream of living on eternal vacations.

In addition, one of the problems they immediately face when they arrive in the city is, on the one hand, the lack of sense of belonging, since they are surrounded by people of different nationalities, cultures and customs, and on the other, the feeling of insecurity that prevails because of organized crime that prevails in the area.

In order to satisfy the client’s needs in these 3 dimensions, we set ourselves the task of seeking inspiration in different analogous situations, studying how certain products and services in other industries have been able to solve these problems in similar circumstances and what are their formulas for success. , in order to adapt and apply them to our own challenge. Elements such as hotel concierge service, food delivery applications, and social integration programs that are carried out as part of urban development plans in states such as Georgia and Utah, became the main source of income. interest for our analysis, which served as the basis for defining the core attributes of the solution.

We formulate a series of hypotheses about the final solution and how it should solve the client’s needs:

1. Concierge-type services, with a domestic focus, will help create in the user the feeling of a vacation stay

2. A practical and secure digital system for the administrative activities of the complex (such as entrances and exits of residents and visitors) will increase the sense of security in the residents

3. A neighborhood support program added to the organization of events and workshops within the complex, will help create in the user a sense of belonging and community

In order to validate the previous hypotheses, we carried out a second immersion study with the user, where we tested different experiments, which gave us insights to improve and adjust the proposed solution with greater precision. During this phase we understood that the development of an application was the best way to integrate the 3 axes of the solution into a single system: an app of the complex through which the resident could carry out all administrative activities as payment maintenance and registration of visits, which would allow to request assistance services such as domestic repairs or garbage collection, and which would promote good coexistence among neighbors thanks to a neighborhood support program in which residents exchange favors among themselves and receive credits for complying with and contributing to compliance with the standards of the complex.


For the branding, the creative team developed a brand that firstly reflects sobriety and elegance, visual qualities to which the market is very attracted. Unlike the competition, we decided to use warmer rather than cool tones, removing the emphasis from aquatic concepts, and moving elements such as land and vegetation to others.

The Isotype, in its most obvious sense, is a graphic that represents the initial letter of naming, but at the same time it functions as a symbol that expresses security and community as they are found lines that are contained within a circle. The naming was inspired from the Mayan word “lroem” which means …

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